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ETS surcharge

The European Union is expanding the use of ETS (Emission Trading System) to include the Shipping industry as from 1 January 2024. Vessel operators will have to secure EUAs (European Union Allowance) for 40% of their emissions in 2024, for 70% of their emissions in 2025 and as from 2026 for 100% of their emissions.
The Prices of an allowance is determined by supply and demand on the market.
POLFERRIES will therefore charge on all freight units an ETS surcharge for covering the additional costs for buying the European Union allowances (EUAs). The ETS surcharge will be applicable on all freight units. The surcharge will be calculated per route based on route specific consumption and monthly average notation for European Union allowances (EUA). The surcharge will be adjusted monthly. The basis for calculating the applicable surcharge will be the average purchase price of CO2 emissions in the preceding month.
The surcharge EU ETS from 1 April 2024:

Line Świnoujście — Ystad and v.v.:
per each commenced meter 1,00 EUR
Line Gdańsk — Nynäshamn and v.v.:
per each commenced meter 2,00 EUR

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